SUMMIT! On Top of the world

@emilyaharrington self portrait at the top of the the world - 8848m Mt Everest. What a climb it's been! @thenorthface #oneverest
by emilyaharrington(National Geographic) from Instagram

National Geographicのサイトに追ってきれいな写真がたくさんupされるだろうけどこれまでの分を今のうちに何枚か拝借していつでも自分のブログで見れるようにしておく。

Long Lines to the Top   Posted May 24, 2012
Roughly an hour’s hike below the Yellow Band, a line of climbers trudge the path from Camp 3 to Camp 4.
Voicemail From Camp 3  Posted May 23, 2012
The team is currently at Camp 3 below a series of looming, ten-story-high seracs, or ice columns. They depart for Camp 4 Thursday morning at 6 a.m..
The Rescuer  Posted May 22, 2012
After dropping off injured climbers at Base Camp, a helicopter takes off to rescue more at Camp 2.
これまでに知った遭難者の扱い... まさに極地だな
The Rescuer  Posted May 12, 2012
The remains of Alexey Gorbatenkov, a Ukrainian climber who died in 2010, were recovered this week. A plaque was left on the spot to honor Gorbatenkov and his climbing partner Svetlana Gutsalo.
The Mountain Decides  Posted May 21, 2012
Writer mark Jenkins adjusts his boot at Camp 3 during an earlier rotation.
Going Up  Posted May 21, 2012
The North Face/National Geographic climbing team—Conrad Anker, Hilaree O’Neill, Kris Erickson, Sam Elias, Emily Harrington, and Mark Jenkins—gathered for a group portrait at Base Camp on Saturday.
Kaltenbrunner Summits Nuptse  Posted May 20, 2012
David Göttler ascends the North Pillar of Nuptse.
今シーズンはあのUeli Steck(ウェリ・シュテック)も無酸素登頂
First Ascent Without Oxygen in 2012  Posted May 19, 2012
Swiss alpinist Ueli Steck and Tenzing Sherpa share a brief moment on the summit.
First to the Summit  Posted May 19, 2012
Ang Kaji Sherpa was the first man to summit the mountain this season.
First to the Summit  Posted May 19, 2012
Below “The Balcony.”
1924年の初登頂が謎のままのジョージ・マロリー(George Herbert Leigh Mallory/イギリス 後列左から2番目)
To Os or Not to Os  Posted May 18, 2012
The 1924 Everest Expedition.
The Penultimate Push  Posted May 15, 2012
Sherpas descend from the South Col to Camp 3.
This is Base Camp  Posted April 25, 2012
A red arrow marks the team’s site at Base Camp.
On Thick Ice  Posted April 20, 2012
Sherpas’ headlamps illuminate the Khumbu Icefall early in the morning.
The Trek In  Posted April 16, 2012
Yaks carry gear over the Khumbu Glacier en route from Kathmandu to the Everest Base Camp.
Hold fast. Photo by @maxwellsilver

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